The Salem Police would appreciate everyone moving their cats as soon as possible

The department had a minor auto-correct CATastrophe this morning.

Christopher Lee/The New York Times

Salem is a city unafraid to embrace its mystical history, with a downtown thoroughfare full of psychics and gift shops like Crow Haven Corner, and historical tours chronicling the Salem witch trials from companies like Black Cat Tours.

So it wasn’t completely shocking when, for a brief moment this morning, it appeared the city had an excess amount of cats, thanks to an errant tweet from the Salem Police Department.

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While attempting to inform residents that the city was ending the snow-fueled parking ban at 10 a.m. and people needed to move their cars, the Salem Police fell victim to the modern black magic known as auto-correct.

Naturally, the jokes poured in.

The Department quickly fixed their error, and everyone had a good laugh.